Agility in Marketing and Technology

June 6, 2018


marketers work on a poster board featuring change, modify, transition, transform, shift, and adjustWith the ubiquity of tech tools to test, measure, and implement marketing campaigns to optimize customer experience and bottom line metrics, marketing itself has become a much more technical practice. In order to navigate the complex field, marketers will have to streamline practices to favor speed, agility, and tools that prove their ROI. Bill Cunningham, VP of Sales and Marketing at SiteSpect, discusses the importance of this agility and how to achieve it.

The Spectrum of Tech Forward Marketing

More and more marketers are now also becoming data nerds, thanks to a technology allowing them to collect huge amounts of data on customer behavior. We know how customers interact with our digital channels, we know what and when they buy, and we know how they engage with our messaging. So, now more than ever marketing marries the art and the science of customer experience. A promo banner may look beautiful, but if it doesn’t turn the needle on the important metrics then it just isn’t working .

Tech forward marketing isn’t only about data and metrics, though. Yes, data informs marketing programs and lets us know when campaigns succeed or fail — but only if we can put it into action quickly, efficiently, and smoothly.

Say, for example, that you need to run a seasonal promotion on the homepage of your website. You find that more customers click on the pop-up with red font, and from there add more items to their carts. Great! How long does it take you then to direct 100% of your traffic to the winner? If it’s longer than a minute, that’s too long.

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