The “New” Optimization Team

Over the last year, we have spent a lot of time talking with a lot of companies about their optimization programs. Some are customers, some aren’t. And there is a definite shift taking place. A lot of optimization is moving away from a marketing-centric team and moving to a product and development team. At SiteSpect, we have always worked with both groups pretty well. We try to convey the importance of optimization at different stages of the product life cycle. With marketing teams, optimization tends to be about ideation and discovery of new ideas to raise conversion. On the product side, there is a focus on the iteration of product features and pages, QA in production, feature rollouts, and risk mitigation of releases.
The issue we tend to see is that optimization is usually controlled or owned by only one of these teams. The focus then tends to be on only one of these areas even though they should not be mutually exclusive.
Customer Experience Lifecycle
The most successful teams, and we typically define success by lifts in both conversion and engagement, spend a lot of time validating ideas before they are implemented and then iterating on those ideas after they are released. That can be hard to do when marketing and product teams don’t talk to each other. We are firm believers in setting up organizations with either general managers that have both marketing and product team direct reports or shared incentive/KPI goals. Otherwise, you end up with each group running separate programs with different solutions that don’t integrate with each other creating a lot of conflicts in the overall optimization of the customer experience.

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SiteSpect Product Management

SiteSpect Product Management

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