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Section Fine Tunes Their Pricing Pages to Improve Conversions

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Boulder, Colorado

Section is pioneering technology in the field of edge computing. As a container-based (Docker/Kubernetes) solution, Section’s Edge Compute Platform allows developers to build and bring their own edge module or select from Section’s library of highly available and high performing edge computing modules to run on their vendor-agnostic, global edge network.

With a product that demands an elevated level of technical maturity from its users, Section faces different challenges than your standard SaaS/PaaS. As Molly Wojcik, Director of Education and Awareness at Section says, “The complexities of our product can make self-service onboarding, for example through a free trial CTA, more difficult and we rely on alternative lead capture mechanisms on our website.”

Since implementing SiteSpect in 2019, Section has been able to test and fine tune the lead flow processes on their website. They’ve found the right balance of educational content to empower their customers to get the information they need while also providing avenues to easily connect with their team through users’ preferred channels.

Measuring the Conversions that Count

Section’s pricing page is one of the most trafficked pages on their website; leads generated through this page are generally farther along in their decision-making process. Maximizing conversions on that page is important.

The page itself is dominated by a pricing calculator where users provide application-specific input to obtain some preliminary pricing estimates. After the user has entered their information, they are required to enter their email address before receiving pricing details.

Because of the breadth and depth of Section’s product offerings, the original version of these pricing pages was very text heavy. They also included hyperlinks that redirected users to additional information across the website. The original call to action featured a price estimate calculator and a “Develop Calculation” button.

Wojcik and her team suspected that by streamlining the messaging around the inputs on these pages, removing the hyperlinks, and testing a different call to action, customers would be more likely to stay on the page and convert.

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As an added benefit, Section was able to leverage the Section-SiteSpect integration to seamlessly deploy SiteSpect within their own Section instance and execute this test without causing any performance lag that would have hurt conversions.


The updates on this page led to a 360% increase in clicks on the CTA button.

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