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Got Too Much Content? Consider A/B Testing Content Carousels!

By SiteSpect Marketing · February 1, 2013

Why feature one product when you can feature five? Why highlight one promotion when you can highlight three?  If you’ve ever found yourself asking these questions then you have likely…

Measuring a Website A/B Testing and Optimization Program (Part 3)

By SiteSpect Marketing · January 29, 2013

In this post, we’ll look how to measure and communicate the results of your website optimization program. A/B testing platforms and analytics applications are naturally related: One is fundamentally designed…

Building a Website A/B Testing and Optimization Program: Implementation (Part 2)

By SiteSpect Marketing · January 23, 2013

A common disappointment among companies deploying A/B testing and optimization technology stems from A/B tests that fail to produce the type of gains expected. Seemingly without rhyme or reason, even…

Building a Culture of Optimization: Planning (Part 1)

By SiteSpect Marketing · January 15, 2013

Whether you have been A/B testing for years or you are just getting started, building a successful optimization program depends on careful planning, implementation, and measurement. This is the first…

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