How SiteSpect Can Help During Uncertain Times

By Kate Raucci

March 23, 2020


Earlier this week we published a statement from our CEO, Patrick Romich, on how SiteSpect is prepared to support our customers during this Covid-19 outbreak. In the following days, we’ve helped many of our clients adapt to the changing needs of their own customers, and have learned some helpful best practices along the way. We know you may be overwhelmed, rushing to accommodate your customers and your team, all in a state of flux.

During this uncertain time, we’re here to help in whatever way we can. We know digital optimization means something different right now. We want to support you in optimizing your digital channels to meet the needs of your business. I’m going to walk through some ways you can use SiteSpect to provide your customers with what they need as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Temporarily Alter Messaging Across Your Digital Channels

Probably the most common and urgent changes organizations are making right now is updating their messaging to reflect new hours, policies, or procedures. For example, many restaurants must communicate abbreviated hours or takeout-only policies. Pharmacies or grocers are offering special hours for at-risk populations. Many retailers are closing brick and mortar locations or greatly reducing staff and hours. In an environment where your customers are worried about what is and isn’t okay or what they can and cannot access, swift and clear communication is key.

To update messaging, you can use SiteSpect to quickly implement a new banner, hero image and copy, or pop up module on any (or every) page of your site via the Visual Editor. Any member of your team can do this, so you can allocate resources where you need them the most.

Our marketing team even used SiteSpect to implement a new banner on our own site.

Targeting the Right People at the Right Time

Side by side with updated messaging, you may find that the segments you need to target are changing overall, or that they need to change throughout the day. Perhaps the majority of your business happens in-store, but now your in-store shoppers have moved online. You now have a new set of expectations and needs to cater to. Or perhaps you have introduced restricted hours for high risk individuals and would like your website to reflect that in real time.

You can use SiteSpect’s targeting features to provide specialized messaging to new users, emphasizing your digital features that may be new to them. Or you can display relevant policy information for users based on what state or part of the world they are located.

You can even schedule different messaging throughout the day to get customers the information they need when they need it. For example, use banner messaging from 7am-8am to say, “Open to people 65 years or older and other high risk individuals.” At 8am, you can change the message to say, “Open to all guests until 6pm. We will have restricted opening for 65 years or older and high risk individuals from 7am-8am for the foreseeable future.” This keeps communication with your customer base open, gets information to those for whom it is most relevant, and ensures your digital and brick and mortar business is cohesive.

Manage Features For New User Behavior

A lot of our clients are also navigating suppressing existing features and introducing temporary new ones. It doesn’t necessarily make sense to deploy a lot of development resources to produce or suppress a feature that is intended for the short term.

Within SiteSpect, you can do things like suppress “pick up in store” options, or live chat features. Alternately, many businesses are restricting units per order, which you can implement in a matter of minutes through SiteSpect. These Campaigns won’t change anything in your site’s code, so when it’s time to reinstate these features it’s only a matter of turning a Campaign off.

Similarly, many businesses and organizations who primarily operate in-person, such as non-urgent medical facilities, fitness, or wellness studios, are introducing methods for virtual engagement like video calls or live streaming. If this is you, you may be feeling a lot of pressure to stand up an entirely new workflow in a matter of hours or days. You can leverage SiteSpect to take some of the weight off of your shoulders and build new experiences completely with SiteSpect. If it turns out that you want to keep these features long term, you can develop them into your site down the road with the knowledge that they work and empowered with the data on how your customers use them.

Relying on Customer Services to Get Through Uncertain Times

At the end of the day, making it through this time while caring for your customers, your teams, and your business will be about supporting each other as best as we are able. SiteSpect’s Customer Success team is here and ready to help you manage your digital channel through this crisis. Please reach out, we are here to support you and your business through this time. Stay safe and take care!

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Kate Raucci

Kate Raucci

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