Google Optimize and the 5 Stages of Grief Part 1

By Mike Fradkin

January 31, 2023


Part 1: RIP Google Optimize

So, Google Optimize is dying. . . see the announcement from Google.

Granted, it’s not like losing a pet, a family member, or even a job, but when something you’ve come to rely on disappears for good, you might find your emotions are following the traditional 5 stages of grief:

Denial: Google Optimize is going away? That can’t be true. There must be some explanation!

Anger: How dare they? Google built a multi-billion dollar business based on a freemium app model and selling data! Why are they taking our experimentation tool?

Bargaining (You might be here): Maybe we don’t need to A/B test or personalize at all (even though we know our competitors will). Maybe our user experience is good enough (though how will we know?). Maybe Google will extend the date past September (unlikely).

Depression (You are likely here): Our current solution is disappearing, and I don’t have a viable replacement. This means we’ll have no visibility of user behavior, no ability to test and push changes, no ability to make data-driven improvements to our site, and no analytics or reporting to present at the next quarterly meeting. I wish I was still on holiday break eating cheese, chocolate, and drinking champagne.

Acceptance & Resolve: Relax. There’s an easy, metered way to choose your next A/B testing and user experience optimization solution, and in this blog series, we’ll help you do so long before Google Optimize leaves you sobbing at its grave.

Let us walk you through the steps you can take to quickly and effectively replace your Google Optimize solution. Part 2: Denial, Anger, and Needs Assessment.

You can also visit: Google Optimize vs. SiteSpect.


Mike Fradkin

Mike Fradkin

Mike Fradkin is the Director of Product Marketing at SiteSpect. His experience ranges from smaller series-A startup companies to large multinational corporations such as AT&T and IBM. With a technology career that began with several customer-facing leadership roles, Mike never loses sight of the connection between technology value and the real people it can positively affect. He enjoys the challenge of identifying trends and market drivers, truly understanding the problems of customers within their specific industries, cultures, and reporting structures, and leveraging those insights to deliver more impactful results.

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