Free Proof-of-Concept

Take the stress out of switching technologies

Switching technologies is always stressful. How do you know if you are making the right decision? Can I trust the product does what a vendor says it does? At SiteSpect, we believe that you have the right to try before you buy -- at no cost. That’s why we have put together our Free Proof-of-Concept program.

Sign up for SiteSpect’s Proof-of-Concept and replace promises and sales-talk with facts and experience.

SiteSpect’s 30-day Proof-of-Concept includes:

  • Implementation of our patented “in-the-flow of traffic” A/B testing solution
  • Five (5) metrics
  • Two (2) experiments
  • Access to professional Optimization Consultants
  • Results analysis

Customers Trust Us

SiteSpect is a great tool! It allowed us to rapidly explore various design decisions & concepts on a level we previously did not have available. The combination of our current analytical suite and the additional superpower of SiteSpect resulted in more profitable and informed decisions that were based on user behavior and data. The entire process of working with SiteSpect was remarkably easy - from initial discussion in regard about the product and how it could serve our needs, to integration, to support when we needed it.

Cody Freeman, (Former) Head of User Experience Research

Thanks to SiteSpect’s highly robust reverse proxy platform, we’re able to quickly implement A/B tests of varying complexities, without dealing with the inconsistencies that you’d see with script-based testing solutions. We can obtain real-time reliable results and make data-driven decisions to ensure no missteps in our overall execution strategy.

Steven Leung, Director of Marketing
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