Favorite Feature: Event Tracking Metric

By Ruby Brown

February 3, 2020


SiteSpect’s Customer Success team knows the SiteSpect solutions better than anyone. From building campaigns to advising on optimization strategy, they use every feature SiteSpect has to offer. In this series we will interview members of the Customer Success team and highlight some of their favorite features, why they love them, and why they should be your favorites too. Today, I’m talking to SiteSpect’s Joanna Majka-Coll.

Customer Success Team Member: Solutions Developer

Favorite Feature: My favorite feature is the Event Track Metric, where you can track page time load, page readiness, html element clicks, changes on the page, and any visitor behavior triggered by events.


How it works: We create event listeners to register the event when a specific user behavior occurs that we want to track, and trigger ET library to fire and collect the metric. Some examples of metrics are measuring the amount of user clicks, hovering behavior, etc. It allows us to track metrics on almost any element that is available in the page source. To fire ET we need to confirm that Core.js library is loaded on a page using Site Variation or Campaign Variation. Then we apply event listeners and trigger ET library to fire. To collect the metric data the next step is to create a new metric that catches the corresponding event track value.

We can track almost every user behavior on the page that cannot be tracked using the other basic triggers like URL, query parameters, page source, geo location, or audience.

It allows us to measure complex user behavior on the page, we can track multiple events on a single page, it works well with SPA, and we can add it using Client Side Factors inside the campaign, or Site/Campaign Variations.

Examples: Event track can collect the string values from the page using Javascript, for example the order summary value to calculate total revenue. A client requested to build metrics that would track how many and what sale items (SKUs) users had ordered and what the resulting revenue was just from Sale items, to measure if the campaign to redesign the Sale button was successful.

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Ruby Brown

Ruby Brown

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