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Cycle Gear Optimizes Product Detail Pages


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Cycle Gear

Monthly Visitors
5 million

About Comoto

Comoto is the leading ecommerce provider for all things motorcycles, offering everything from tires, to gear, to maps, and bike parts. They have a huge inventory and over 5 million visitors a month, so digital optimization is at the forefront of their ecommerce strategy. They’ve been optimizing with SiteSpect since early 2019, and have a technical team that integrates both client- and server-side testing into their roadmap.

The Experiment

This test focused on Comoto’s site A lot of their organic traffic lands on product detail pages — usually as a result of specific product searches. However, users who come to these pages are often still high in the funnel. They’re just starting their shopping journey, and are still researching and browsing, not necessarily ready to buy. The Comoto team observed that a lot of new visitors would land on a product detail page and then bounce off of the website. The team hypothesized this was because shoppers early in their journey wanted

to compare products, and were more inclined to return to their search than to stay and compare on-site — even though they have one of the largest inventories. This experiment focused on creating a product detail page tailored to shoppers higher in the funnel.

In this test Comoto introduced a new element to their product detail pages. Above the main image, they included a product tray featuring other products in the same category. They included this for all new users to the site, with the goal to encourage engagement and keep visitors searching within the site rather than returning to search engine.


This variation saw a 6.21% lift in conversions, as well as a .99% increase in revenue, and .31% decrease in bounce rate.

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