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Coles Liquorland Releases A New Feature with SiteSpect



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About Coles Liquor and Liquorland

Liquorland is a leading liquor chain in Australia under Coles Liquor division of Coles Group, one of Australia’s largest and most iconic retailers. In addition to their bricks-and-mortar business, Liquorland offers an extensive online store with options for 30-minute pick up and free delivery. Their online business is central to their model and to their success, and as part of their strategy they have used SiteSpect for optimization since 2019. The Liquorland optimization team includes members of their Online Business Team, a team of Developers, members of their IT organization, and their Sitespect Optimization Consultant and Solutions Developer. As part of their optimization and personalization strategy, they use SiteSpect extensively for Release Rollouts, which they could not do with their previous third party tool. As Brandon Briz, Conversion Optimization Manager at Coles Liquor explains, “SiteSpect allows us to roll out new features in a safe way, where we can follow a controlled plan.”

Releasing a New Payment Option with SiteSpect Rollouts

As part of its rewards program, Liquorland participates in Flybuys, a rewards program that rewards customers across Coles Liquor and Coles Group’s family of brands. Flybuys recently introduced Flypay, a new payment service under the Flybuys product umbrella. Liquorland planned to roll out Flypay as part of a corporate initiative designed to streamline the checkouts and rewards process for customers and introduce additional brand stickiness across all Coles brands. Even though the team knew they would release Flypay, it was crucial to ensure that it was released safely, with no negative business impact, and without any unforeseen risk.


"SiteSpect allows us to roll out new features in a safe way, where we can follow a controlled plan."

Brandon Briz, Conversion Optimization Manager at Coles Liquor

For Rollouts, Liquorland uses SiteSpect to portion out the new experience to specific segments of users, and then methodically expand the audience base. They will typically segment users by location and device type, so for example, begin a rollout with desktop users in Victoria, and then expand to mobile users, then tablet users, before expanding the rollout to the next region. This allows for a slow and controlled rollout, allowing time to catch any bugs that need fixing without impacting the business overall. They have followed this same process for other rollouts, including a major front-end refresh where they moved the entire site over to a React SPA.

Measuring New Feature Success with Rollouts

For their Flypay rollout the team tracked overall conversion rate, revenue, and standard error tracking. As Briz says, “We’re a data-driven team, always making sure we have a clear view on what success looks like and how it’s measured.”

By using SiteSpect Rollouts to release Flypay, Liquorland was able to safely release the new feature without any traffic or business disruption. The release was successful, and the team gradually introduced Flypay to the entire customer base. The test has since concluded, and Flypay has been added to the base code on the site.

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