Success Stories

How to Increase Clarity Around “Pay Later” Checkout Flows

Recently, I worked with a large, high-end hotel brand to help them optimize their check out process. Like many hotels, the checkout flow includes a place to enter payment details to secure each user’s booking, but does not actually charge the card until the time of the stay. The brand suspected that this detail caused…
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Phone Calls Are So 2002: Great Examples for A/B Testing

Optimization is all about providing the best possible customer experience. How do we reduce friction, get customers the information they need, and give them a great experience online? For this brand, a big part of meeting this goal is requiring customers to login in order to purchase. This is a major retail chain selling grocery,…
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Case Study: Featured Programs Lead to More Enrollments

In this A/B test, featuring certain items on the homepage was a big success — but only if the full list of offerings was also visible. The Brand A private, non-profit, accredited university in New England with a huge offering of on-campus and online programs ranging from Associate to Doctoral degrees. The University serves over…
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Case Study: A/B Testing Streamlined Checkout Flow for Better CX

In marketing and optimization we talk a lot about reducing friction to conversion, but it can at times be hard to quantify. In this A/B test, the optimization team had a suspicion that an unnecessary checkout step might be causing drop-off without adding much value, and so they put the question to a A/B test.…
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Case Study: Testing Full Navigation Visibility

When your brand or site goes through a significant change, it’s a good idea to rerun some of your A/B tests to see if they still return the same benefits you expect. After this brand separated from a former partner, they saw an opportunity to rethink their top navigation. They had A/B tested the same…
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Case Study: Shortening the Checkout Flow

THE ORGANIZATION A leading online bathroom furnishing retailer. THE PROJECT Website data showed that after a site replatforming, checkout conversion dropped. The website team suspected this was because the new checkout process included more pages. The optimization team hypothesized that by redesigning the new checkout flow to have fewer pages, checkout conversion will improve. THE…
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