Success Stories

Case Study: Testing Full Navigation Visibility

When your brand or site goes through a significant change, it’s a good idea to rerun some of your A/B tests to see if they still return the same benefits you expect. After this brand separated from a former partner, they saw an opportunity to rethink their top navigation. They had A/B tested the same…
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Case Study: Shortening the Checkout Flow

THE ORGANIZATION A leading online bathroom furnishing retailer. THE PROJECT Website data showed that after a site replatforming, checkout conversion dropped. The website team suspected this was because the new checkout process included more pages. The optimization team hypothesized that by redesigning the new checkout flow to have fewer pages, checkout conversion will improve. THE…
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Case Study: Multivariate Testing for CTA Buttons

THE ORGANIZATION A travel booking agency for young professionals. THE PROJECT Website data showed the customers were getting stuck on mobile devices at the tour info page and not moving forward to get quotes. The goal of this project was to get more customers to get a quote and book a trip. THE A/B TEST…
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Case Study: Product Results Page Redesign Improves Customer Experience

This hotel improved the customer experience on their product results pages, and saw a huge lift in engagement. The Organization A UK based luxury hotel chain. The Project Website data showed that when customers arrived on room or suites results pages, almost 70% of customers exited the site without engaging with room information or progressing…
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Case Study: Using A Simulated Payment Option To Determine Demand

We hear a lot about brands using SiteSpect for vendor testing, and that is a great use case for our unique architecture. But this case study gives a great example of using A/B testing to determine whether you need to add a vendor at all, and uses creative KPIs to understand customer behavior. PayPal is…
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Case Study: An eCommerce Experiments With Their Product Detail Pages

The quantity selector, a standard feature on ecommerce sites, gets rethought in this case study. The result was huge. The Organization A US based apparel and lifestyle brand with a significant online component. The Project Like most retailers, product detail pages for this brand included a quantity selector. However, site analytics and customer behavior showed…
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