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Case Study: Moonpig Increases Conversions by Optimizing Product Recommendations

Moonpig is a UK-based retailer specializing in unique and personalized cards and gifts. With over 10,000 card designs along with a large selection of gifts, such as food, drink, flowers, personalized mugs, and much more, continually optimizing the digital experience is crucial in order to surface the right products to the right customer at the…
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Liquor Retailer Streamlines Product Detail Page for 18% More Order Confirmations

Product detail pages are one of the most important factors for conversion for ecommerce sites. It’s typically the last stop a user takes before adding an item to their cart and is where they learn about the product. Like most retailers, this major liquor chain with a large online inventory has a lot of important…
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Home Goods Store Generates Millions in Additional Revenue per Week

While having a large inventory can be a brand’s greatest strength, it can also lengthen the customer journey and make it difficult to surface categories, promotions, financing programs, and more. Many large retailers face this challenge. This major US-based home goods retailer found a creative way to solve this problem, and in doing so they…
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Do Shorter Forms Really Convert Better?

One of the most common pieces of advice you hear in optimization is to reduce the number of form fields required for any conversion. Customers don’t like to provide information they perceive as unnecessary, any extra fields within the checkout can give users the impression more effort is required and this can lead to increased…
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Increasing Adds to Cart and Orders by Optimizing Price Display

Low prices are a great way to promote items and boost adds to cart and purchases — but the success of this tactic depends on how it’s communicated. If the higher price, the savings, and the lower price aren’t communicated just right you could lose out on the conversion benefit of the sale altogether. For…
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Testing A Persistent Search Bar on Mobile

On-site search is an important feature for any online business, and it is especially essential for mobile sites. With limited real estate for navigation or promotions, search plays an even bigger role in helping customers find what they need. One SiteSpect client, a large grocery chain in the UK, felt that their mobile on-site search…
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