A/B Testing Next Day Delivery Messaging

What’s the best way to inform customers about next day delivery? This question drove the case study below, and the answer drove revenue in a big way. The Organization UK based health foods retailer with a large ecommerce presence. The Project This retailer offers next day delivery, but it wasn’t promoted prominently on their product…
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How to Foster a Culture of Experimentation at Your Organization

Time and time again, I see executives across organizations striving to balance the creative and less measurable components of their jobs with the necessary and reliable business wins. This often boils down to a disconnect between long term, slow burn strategies that don’t necessarily see an immediate ROI, and quick wins for immediate impact. When…
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SiteSpect Synopsis: The Changing Role of Data Analysis

It’s not news that we have more data than ever. The IoT alone generates more data than we’ve ever had access to before, not to mention the bulk of time that we spend online. But now that the novelty of data collection has worn off it’s time to question what measurable value we get from…
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Marketing Lessons I’ve Learned from The X-Files

This blog is about something very near and dear to my heart… Aliens. More specifically, the alien-centric, decades-spanning masterwork, The X-Files. This show has got it all, and, as a marketer, it has taught me lot. You have Dana Scully, the scientist with an open mind but a strong sense of integrity and insistence on…
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The Royal Wedding: A Case Study in Seamless Third-Party Integration

The upcoming royal nuptials between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry really got us thinking. Just like the happy couple, here at SiteSpect we operate a transatlantic, US-UK union. We’d never presume to speak on behalf of the happy couple but we’re pretty sure they’ve learnt a lot from us and how we operate. Back in…
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Trouble in Westeros: A/B Testing and Optimization in Game of Thrones

We are two weeks out from the final season premiere of Game of Thrones — but if you’re anything like me then you knew that already. As we ramp up to the big day and scrutinize every tweet, interview, and insta from any cast member, I’m also looking back on the show for some professional guidance.…
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