How JavaScript Tags Affect Site Performance

When it comes to the overall performance of a website there is one reliable constant: visitors want speed. Research shows that visitor behavior is directly related to browsing speed and that conversion rates and overall customer satisfaction drop when pages load slowly. So, when you implement an A/B testing solution that uses JavaScript tags to…
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The Easiest Way to Manage Domain Migrations: URL Tunneling

Consider this: Your company acquires a new domain and wants it integrated into your existing infrastructure. The problem is, it’s on a different platform, and is going to take a long and meticulous migration process. That’s fine, but the marketing department and business stakeholders want it done yesterday. Your options then look like doing a…
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Get to Know a Software Engineer

Yue Wu is a Software Engineer here at SiteSpect. He’s part of the team that makes SiteSpect run — whether that’s building new features, addressing bugs, or responding to customer feedback in the product. This month, I sat down with him to learn more about what he does. What do you do at SiteSpect? What…
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Case Study: Adding a CTA for Out of Stock Items

Using SiteSpect, this organization was able to add a CTA for out of stock items while integrating with their inventory software.     This UK based health food retailer has a huge ecommerce component, and is always A/B testing ways to improve their user experience or streamline the shopping process. This brand had previously A/B…
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