Announcing SiteSpect Rollouts

We are excited to announce SiteSpect Rollouts. Delivered via the same platform and interface as your SiteSpect A/B Testing, Personalization, and Product Recommendations, you can use Rollouts to manage your entire product lifecycle. Product releases are an exciting time, but they don’t come without risk. A lot of time and resources go into developing new…
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Velocity to Value: Seeing an Immediate ROI with SiteSpect

When you’ve implemented a new software you’ve probably invested a lot of money and are anxious to see your ROI. Most solutions though leave you unclear about when you can see returns and start having successes. However, with SiteSpect, clients can have full implementation done in as few as three days, and can see up…
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How to Launch New Features with Testing

Product launches are an exciting but hectic time. Marketers are busy preparing communications and campaigns to highlight the new features and benefits, while IT and development teams are double-checking code to ensure deployment goes smoothly. Product managers are typically focused on talking with customers, writing feature specifications, and managing the process of what makes it…
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Understanding Google Chrome Cookie Changes with Cory Underwood

Earlier this month, Google announced a series of upcoming changes beginning with Chrome 80, which, among other updates, prevents cross-site tracking by default. This is primarily a security update, but also has ramifications for marketing — especially for advertising and remarketing. For this blog, I sat down with Cory Underwood — you’ll recognize him from…
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Case Study: Quantifying the Impact of Page Speed

The UK’s leading health retailer, specializing in items such as vitamins and nutritional supplements, food items, healthful cosmetics, and more had been using SiteSpect for web optimization and personalization. The brand has over 1,300 stores across the UK and elsewhere, and a fast growing online retail division. This online growth is fueled by the user…
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Announcing SiteSpect Real User Monitoring (RUM)

We’re excited to announce our newest SiteSpect feature: Real User Monitoring (RUM). You know that site performance affects your conversion goals, and you’re invested in A/B testing and personalization to optimize your customer experience. Now, with SiteSpect, you’ll get total visibility into how real people interact with your site and how site performance affects user…
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