SiteSpect Is a Leader in the Forrester Online Testing Platforms Wave Q3 2015

Ellen Julian

Forrester Research, Inc. recently published its latest Forrester Wave™: Online Testing Platforms report and we are very pleased that SiteSpect has been named a Leader.

SiteSpect achieved the highest score among all vendors in the categories of Application usability, administration, and security; Deployment and licensing options; and Dashboards, reports, and alerts. We also received a 5.0 out of 5.0 for Customer Satisfaction.

Minimize Your Risk by Testing Features Before Launch

Lisa Frank

Imagine this scenario: You help run the website for a successful e-commerce company. You listened to your customers and redesigned a key feature on your site. Based on their feedback, you thought that streamlining the search process would lead to increased conversions. But you were wrong and conversions were flat. What happened?

The Yellow Brick Road to Testing Greatness

Ellen Julian

Landing Page, UX, and Product! Oh my!

Dealing with competing testing strategies can make you feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. We hear from marketing teams all the time about their struggles with diverging road maps. If your testing program is caught in a tornado with no yellow brick road in sight, here are some strategies for finding focus and creating a road map to testing success.

Why Speed Matters

Ellen Julian

“If everything seems to be in control, you're not going fast enough.” - Mario Andretti, champion racing car driver

I recently returned from a trip to Italy where the speed limit on the Autostrada (Italy’s main highway system) is 130 km/h, the equivalent of 80 miles an hour. After just a few harrowing miles I learned that driving faster is a matter of survival in Italy: if you don’t go fast, you risk being driven off the road by other drivers. I now understand why Italians created the Ferrari and Lamborghini: they have a serious need for speed!

An Analytics Framework for Optimization

Ellen Julian

To get the most out of your testing program, Analytics should be a milestone in every step in the process – from ideation to decision-making. How you leverage data – and when – is key to your success. The following research-backed tips will help you create an analytics framework for your optimization program:

Blog: Testing Single Page Applications with SiteSpect

Lisa Frank

The choice of technology for building a website will impact your consumer experience. At SiteSpect, we are seeing more digital businesses build Single Page Applications (SPA) as the architecture for an improved site experience.

Turn Your Testing Into Gold

Lou Spada

Maybe you’ve noticed that many of the products that support your web and mobile commerce efforts now include A/B testing features. Your CMS, e-commerce platform, email system, marketing automation platform, and even your phone system may all include A/B testing features, so why do you need a dedicated conversion optimization platform?

Adapting Your Testing to Consumer Behavior

Lisa Frank

IBM Commerce just released the Eighth Annual Online Retail Holiday Readiness Report. The report confirms that consumers are accessing retail sites from their mobile devices more than ever before. The analysis also includes strategies for helping retail organizations plan for the upcoming holidays.

Summer Reading for Conversion Optimizers

Ellen Julian

Heading off to the beach, lake, or pool this summer for some R&R? Take advantage of your down time by reading (or re-reading) these books by marketing and optimization experts. They’ll not only help you brush up on copy, design, testing, and analytical techniques, but also provide a shot of inspiration and encouragement.

Mobile Banking Isn’t Just for Millennials

Ellen Julian

They’ve been called digital natives, the Internet generation, and gen next. Whatever you call them, millennials are the most digitally connected generation and mobile is their primary channel of choice for managing their daily activities and staying informed. But millennials aren’t the only devoted users of mobile devices and the Internet. All generations depend on mobile devices to manage daily activities and to stay informed. And not just for checking messages, booking travel, or shopping.