5 Research-Backed Tips for Achieving Optimization Greatness

Ellen Julian

Analytics form the foundation of a sound optimization program. How you leverage data – and when – is key to your success.

Tee Off Your Optimization Program’s Success

Ellen Julian

2016 is barely a month old and you’re already buried in a pile of campaign requests. When your to-do list gets overwhelming, it’s easy to lose focus. And if you give in to the urge to take a slapdash approach, you’re liable to make mistakes. You need a plan for success.

Amazon-ize Your Conversion Rate

Ellen Julian

The latest CNBC All-America Economic Survey reveals that 40 percent of all American adults search Amazon always or most of the time when shopping online. A staggering 50 percent of those Americans who search Amazon most frequently actually make a purchase.

A Nice Way to Start the Year

Ellen Julian

We are delighted and honored to be named a Digital Power Player in Testing and Optimization by Website Magazine

Top 10 Posts of 2015 and Predictions for 2016

Jill Marguette

Single page apps, mobile banking, and optimization team structure were among the most popular posts on SiteSpect’s blog in 2015 based on number of views. . Here’s a recap in case you missed them.

How SF Gate Increased its Click-through Rate by 40%

Ellen Julian

A/B and multivariate testing can tell marketers what's working and what’s not working on a website. Testing can also help mitigate the risk of rolling out new features.

Take a Vacation from JavaScript

Ellen Julian

As an advocate for improving the user experience on web and mobile sites, I read Klint Finley’s recent Wired article with great interest. Finley disabled JavaScript for a week in early November to see how it would affect surfing. By the end of the week, he “dreaded going back to the messy modern web. The experiment left me longing for more control over what actually runs inside my browser.”

On-Site Search: Test the Back-End

Lisa Frank

My last few blog posts have been dedicated to the importance of visual and functional tests for on-site search. Before we wrap up the series, let’s review a few more ideas related to the back-end areas of your site not noticeable to the visitor.

On-Site Search: Test the Functional

Lisa Frank

Are you trying to figure out how important it is to test on-site search? If so, consider this example from Walmart. The team conducted a series of functional tests to optimize how their search engine works. The goal of the project was to “translate your searches into the stuff you really want to buy.” During development, they continuously tested and refined their search engine. Within a year, they found that “20 percent more searches turned into sales than before.” 

On-Site Search: Test the Visual

Lisa Frank

As a marketer, you spend a significant amount of your time and energy fine-tuning the look and feel of your site. It only follows that you want to know how the aesthetics of your on-site search affect your customer’s experience. But how do you know what to test? Here are several visual test ideas.