New eBook - Omnichannel – Buzzword or Revenue Booster?

Beverly Chiarelli

You know that consumers decide not just what to buy, but how, when and where. They start their journey on one channel but purchase on another. But to achieve their revenue goals, digital businesses need to understand and optimize the entire customer experience, across all possible channels, for true continuity of experience without interruption. Discover the four critical omnichannel testing steps that you can take to impact revenue

The on-demand shopper: Three tips for seamless, speedy shipping in an e-commerce world

Edward Burek

Walmart just raised the stakes in the online shipping game, taking a direct shot at Amazon Prime with it’s ShippingPass offering. What does that mean for you and your testing strategy? Read on to see what you can do to create an optimized customer experience and get better conversion rates.

3 Scenarios to Consider for Mobile App Testing

Doug Cohen

A recent report from Ericsson predicts that 90% of all Internet traffic will be driven by smartphones by the end of 2021. This trend means that digital businesses need to ensure that their mobile applications meet consumer expectations. Read on to find out where you should start...

A Lesson from Art History – Be Fearless!

Edward Burek

Back when I was in school I naturally gravitated toward logic and analytical thinking. But I now realize that I should have paid more attention to Art History. Greg Bowen of Dell kicked off IRCE as the opening keynote speaker, and he touched on his artistic background as a foundation for his success in business. He once operated an art gallery where he learned how to focus on what his patrons wanted. That experience in turn forged his views today on the relationship with the customer. It really is all about them! We marketers, ecommerce leaders, supply chain executives, etc. all too often look at our internal processes and what we want to do, instead of focusing on what the customer wants. It’s no wonder so many projects fail. However, Mr. Bowen had three simple but important guidelines that can help

Internet Retailer Webinar Series: Optimizing the Customer Experience in New Ways

Beverly Chiarelli

Increasing website traffic and revenue is always at the top of the list but it doesn’t have to be a tall order. Having an effective, end-to-end website optimization investment seems obvious but without understanding the total impact it can be a tough case to justify.

Key Features for Mobile App

Lisa Frank

Today’s consumers are making the shift to mobile in record numbers. In fact, digital analytics company comScore Inc. reports that 60 percent of all U.S. digital time is spent on smartphones and tablets. According to Forrester, between online and offline transactions, mobile devices influenced more than $1 trillion in total purchases in 2015. More companies than ever are reaching their consumers through mobile websites and native apps....

Good enough? A closer look at Google’s Analytics 360 Suite for enterprise marketers

Jill Marguette

Google recently announced that it is launching a new product for enterprise marketers to directly challenge Adobe’s Marketing Cloud and similar services.

Risk-Free Personalization

Ellen Julian

Recently we noted that personalization is marketing’s nirvana. But how can you as a digital marketer be certain your personalization campaigns will yield results? Without careful planning and constant analysis, customizing websites for individual visitors can be a risky strategy.

Internet Retailer webinar series: 5 research-backed strategies for Website Optimization success

Jill Marguette

We all know the value of providing an enjoyable and relevant online experience for customers. On March 17 at 2 p.m. EDT, join SiteSpect’s Director of Professional Services Doug Cohen and Internet Retailer Editor-in-Chief Don Davis for a webinar that will explore strategies for Website Optimization success.

Testing Google Accelerate Mobile Pages (AMP) with SiteSpect

Iwo Kadziela

The AMP project was recently launched by Google to accelerate the mobile web. This development is exciting for SiteSpect not only because our solution is compatible and supports website speed optimization, but also because it highlights how JavaScript tags can slow down your website. Fast AMP pages achieve their high speed because they do not allow third-party JavaScript tags, synchronous JavaScript, and JavaScript that blocks the critical path.