SiteSpect Synopsis: How is Retail Tech Evolving?

Edward Burek

This week, we're taking a dive into the conversation around retail technology. What strategies are e-commerce sites employing to develop targeted, personalized experiences in store? How can business who are struggling in store deploy digital strategies to make the most of their retail spaces?

Bad Data, Bad Queen: Cersei Lannister and CX Optimization

Ruby Perlmutter

Cersei Lannister is the worst. She has a kind of twisted logic underneath everything she does, but it’s driven by something horrible. What drives her? Bad data. She operates in a world completely her own and has no understanding of (or interest in) how her actions affect citizens of Kings Landing. As a testing solution, she has all the requisite components — the software, the design capabilities, the customers — but her decisions are based on inaccurate or incomplete data, delivering no ROI. How can you optimize your customer experience without really understanding it?

SiteSpect Synopsis: Google's Ad Blocker and the Future of Marketing

Edward Burek

On February 15, Google rolled out its new built in ad blocker for Chrome. Google maintains that this move intends to improve the user experience in the Chrome browser without eliminating advertising entirely (by way of third party ad blockers, for instance). Here is what writers around the web have to say about this development and its effect on the marketing world.

New Price, Same Product: Game of Thrones and Customer Experience Optimization

Ruby Perlmutter

We all want an optimized solution for our constituents — whether they be visitors on our digital channels or citizens of Westeros — but the time comes when we have to weigh the costs and benefits of different solutions.

SiteSpect Synopsis: AI and the Customer Experience

Edward Burek

We’ve been talking about AI for a long time now, but in the past month as articles rank business and marketing trends for 2018 and the new year has us collectively looking forward, there has been even more Internet talk of how AI will affect business practices — especially your customer journey and road to personalization. This week, I’ve collected recent articles about AI testing and optimization for marketers, given you the gist, and a final analysis.


Trouble in Westeros: Testing and Optimization in Game of Thrones

Ruby Perlmutter

Game of Thrones may be on hiatus between seasons, but its relevance is not. At heart, the series has a lot to do with customer experience optimization solutions — if you replace “customer experience” with “people of Westeros.” If this connection isn’t already obvious to you, by the end of this article it will be. Hear me out.

Are You Suffering from a Pain in the Apps?

Edward Burek

Whether you’re a marketer trying to meet the expectations of your customers to have a mobile app feel on your website or a developer trying to make that happen, SPA (Single Page Apps) can cause a lot of strife, division, and complexity — in other words, a real pain in the apps.


Wind, Critters, and Gu: My Road to the Boston Marathon 2018

Eric Fagerlund

Most mornings I wake up by 4 am and am out the door before 5 am — well before the sun rises. I own Knuckle Lights and lighted hats to light my way. I use Pandora and Runkeeper to keep me company and my mind off the bitter wind and the possibility of running into any number of critters. I’ve been running forever, and that time in the morning has always been my time. It’s a chance to tune out, think about my day, or not think at all. 

Testing Solutions: Should you Build or Buy? (Part 2 of a series)

Paul Bernier

Should you build it or buy it? That’s a question that keeps percolating up when I talk to my colleagues in the optimization world. After many discussions and much thought on the topic, I think I’ve found the answer to a big question: Should I reinvent the wheel or not?

How are "Yous Guys Doing"? or Data Silos and Personalization - Which Exit?

Edward Burek

Recently I presented at the Gartner Digital Marketing event with one of our great customers, Staples, and the subject of data silos got me thinking. Conversion after conversion, presentation after presentation, I heard about data sitting in disparate systems that marketers need to use. According to Forbes, "The average company invests in 16 separate marketing technology platforms." As a result, companies that are trying to improve personalization need these systems and data to be integrated in order to be really useful.