New SiteSpect Video Illustrates How Companies Can Test Everything and Target Anyone

Kim Ann King

Take a look on how SiteSpect can test everything and target anyone.


Online Sales from Tablets vs. Smartphones, Revisited

Ellen Julian

I’ve always assumed that the person sitting next to me on the train was just using their tablet to read or play a game.

Optimizing Mobile Performance in Responsive Design

Iwo Kadziela

Responsive design, the concept of building a web page that stretches/shrinks into differently sized screens, can have a big impact on page performance, especially on mobile devices. A recent study cited in eWeek revealed unacceptable page load times of 155 responsive sites analyzed. In fact, just 21% of the sites loaded in less than four seconds on mobile phones. The study identifies site images as the major culprit behind slow load time. For all sites, the average page weight is often adversely impacted by image size. Server-side technology can help solve this problem.

Optimizing On-site Search Increases Conversions

Lisa Frank

Google has almost single-handedly transformed how we find information on the Internet.

New E-Book from SiteSpect Reveals Unexpected Ways to Optimize Your Website

Kim Ann King

We've published a new e-book entitled "17 Big Testing Ideas" that are designed to do exactly that: create a big impact.

Site Latency and Other Key Themes from Conversion Conference 2014

Ellen Julian

More than 200 professionals converged on the recent Conversion Conference in San Francisco to hear from industry experts and update their skills in website conversion optimization.

How Intuit Created a Better Customer Experience with SiteSpect by Improving Site Performance

Kim Ann King

SiteSpect has published a new client case study with Intuit. Here's a brief synopsis:

8 Ways to Optimize On-Site Search

Kim Ann King

Customers navigate a website in one of two ways: they browse or they search. In fact, on-site search is the second most visited area of any given website, yet it’s not always at the top of the priority list when it comes to site optimization. Given the prominence of search and the impact it has on revenue, it should be one of the key areas in your testing plan.

How to Launch New Features with Testing

Lisa Frank

Product launches are an exciting but hectic time. Marketers are busy preparing communications and campaigns to highlight the new features and benefits, while IT and development teams are double-checking code to ensure deployment goes smoothly. Product Managers are typically focused on talking with customers, writing feature specifications, and managing the process of what makes it into the final release.

Key Takeaways: A/B Testing and the Benefits of an Experimentation Culture

Lisa Frank

A recent blog post on A/B Testing and the Benefits of an Experimentation Culture,” by Wyatt Jenkins on Harvard Business Review’s website, raises several points that resonate with SiteSpect’s view of optimization.