Ellen Julian

'Tis the season for Holiday Gift Guides. We’ve assembled a list of our favorite optimization books, apps and tools to help you kick start your gift-giving endeavor. You’ll find something for everyone here:17 Stocking Stuffers for Your Optimization Team


Apps and Web Tools:

  • Balsamiq lets you easily create wireframes and mock ups.
  • Coolors helps you work out great color schemes.
  • Diigo creates bookmarks and lets you share lists of useful links.
  • Headspace gets you in the right frame of mind to be productive via a meditation and mindfulness app.
  • Onenote collates your ideas in one place and lets you record brainstorming sessions.
  • QuirkTools Screenfly helps you test how websites display on various screen sizes.
  • Snagit lets you create and mark up screen captures.
  • Sublimetext makes it easy to edit text with code markup and syntax highlighting.

For more ideas, check out our Summer Reading list.

Special thanks to SiteSpect optimization experts Kate Orchard, Luke Hardwick, Mike O’Connor & Tim Stewart for their input.

Tags: A/B & Multivariate Testing Best Practices

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