How To Choose the Right KPI

Kate Orchard

As an optimization consultant, I help users get the most of their testing solutions every day. Often, the key to turning a good idea into an effective test lies in the KPI. This week, I’m sharing some common KPI mistakes, as well as some tips for how to choose the most meaningful measures you can.

SiteSpect Synopsis: How GDPR Affects Marketing

Eric J. Hansen

In about one month, on May 25, GDPR goes into effect in Europe. As data collection has become ubiquitous many major brands are going to need to update their practices and rethink consumer reporting. In this last month before the implementation of GDPR, this is what marketers in tech are talking about.

The Royal Wedding: A Case Study in Seamless Third-Party Integration

Luke Hardwick

The upcoming royal nuptials between Megan Markle and Prince Harry really got us thinking. Just like the happy couple, here at SiteSpect we operate a transatlantic, US-UK union. We’d never presume to speak on behalf of the happy couple but we’re pretty sure they’ve learnt a lot from us and how we operate.

The Best Testing Fail of the Week: When No News is Great News

Luke Hardwick

This week’s Best Testing Fail of the Week celebrates the anticlimactic results. The tests that you expect to make all the difference but turn up nothing. More often than you might think, big wins can come out of unimpressive results. Here’s one case where that was especially true.

SiteSpect Synopsis: Are you Ready for AI?

Eric J. Hansen

If you’re ready to implement AI, then it can be a great tool for your business. So, this week I’m tackling the question, how do you know if you’re ready for Artificial Intelligence?

The Road to the Boston Marathon: How to Test and Optimize Marathon Training

Eric Fagerlund

I’ve been training for the Boston Marathon all winter (you can read all about why over in my first blog), and over the course of these months I’ve realized how much that training shows up in other aspects of my life. Including in my job at SiteSpect — an optimization and testing solution — where I deliver a platform that helps organizations test and optimize their digital channels.

The Best Testing Fail of the Week: Search Bar Snafu Sent This Brand on the Hunt

Sally Hall

There’s one part of winning that most of us forget to talk about: Losing. The only way to really win big is to take big risks, and those risks sometimes teach you what not to do. In the business of testing and optimization, you’ll have to face some losses before you find a winner. Fortunately, if you test smart, those losses don’t have to show up in your revenue stream or bottom line. Instead, we celebrate those losing tests with our Best Fail of the Week.

SiteSpect Synopsis: What Is Digital Transformation?

Bill Cunningham

Digital Transformation: it’s on the top of many organizations’ minds as digital customer experience becomes the cornerstone of marketing. But what does digital transformation entail? How have successful organizations digitally transformed? How can you do it effectively? This week we’re tackling the topic with a dive into what digital transformation means, and how it will manifest in 2018.

How Uses Data to Drive Growth

Ruby Perlmutter

Over the course of years of testing, has gained key insight into how to truly be a data-driven marketer. We sat down with Steven Leung, Director of Marketing at, to discuss the state of user-testing. More information about the company can be found at

The Best, Best Friends: Game of Thrones and Forging Partnerships

Ruby Perlmutter

Most of us don’t think of Game of Thrones as a show about friendship. War, power, dragons, yes. Friendship? Not so much. Still, taking a cue from this Nerdist article, “Five of the Greatest Partnerships in Game of Thrones,” I’ll argue that these bizarre, unlikely, dysfunctional, and ultimately powerful friendships actually make up the best moments on the show — whatever side you’re rooting for.