Why Digital Optimization is the Most Important Thing in Your Marketing Budget

By Nicole Hanson

July 8, 2020


Marketing budgets have taken a hit in 2020 and may continue to shrink into 2021. A Gartner survey showed that 65% of marketers anticipated reductions in their budget as a direct result of COVID-19. For many, this means canceled events, decreased ad spend, and delayed or canceled marketing campaigns. While most paid marketing activities may not provide a return right now, one investment is crucial for marketers in these uncertain times – digital optimization.

No matter what industry you’re in, digital optimization is the key to driving online conversions. From A/B testing to personalization, optimization allows you to create an exceptional user experience and delight your customers. This is why it must be the top priority in your marketing budget.

Create a Personalized Experience

Personalization is perhaps the best way to win over customers and make them feel like a part of your community. Customers no longer want personalization, they expect it. In fact, 72% of consumers say they only engage with personalized messaging. To optimize your personalization efforts, be sure to base campaigns on your website visitors’ behavior and not just their demographics. By tracking how a customer navigates your site rather than where they’re located, you can create a tailored experience just for them.   

Edge Out the Competition

When you offer a truly personalized experience, your customers will continue to choose you over companies that do not prioritize optimization. According to Epsilon, 80% of consumers are more likely to shop from a brand that offers personalized experiences. Since nearly 90% of online businesses have started to invest in personalization, it’s crucial for brands to constantly A/B test and iterate. Consumer preferences are continuously evolving, which means your personalization campaign from a few months ago might not resonate as well now. With an aggressive optimization strategy, brands can keep up with changing customer preferences and beat out their competitors.

See Fast ROI

For many companies, digital optimization is a large investment. With shrinking marketing budgets, some people may be questioning whether or not their personalization efforts are worth the money. Unlike other paid marketing activities (i.e. advertising and events), digital optimization often has a fast ROI. According to Evergage, 86% of marketers have seen a measurable lift in their business due to their personalization efforts. SiteSpect customers have even seen up to 10x revenue benefit after running their very first campaign. While digital optimization might seem like a hefty cost, the customer satisfaction and ROI that come with it are unmatched.

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Nicole Hanson

Nicole Hanson

Nicole Hanson is a former Marketing Manager at SiteSpect.

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