Velocity to Value: Seeing an Immediate ROI with SiteSpect

By SiteSpect Customer Success

June 5, 2020


When you’ve implemented a new software you’ve probably invested a lot of money and are anxious to see your ROI. Most solutions though leave you unclear about when you can see returns and start having successes. However, with SiteSpect, clients can have full implementation done in as few as three days, and can see up to 10x ROI right out of the gate with their first test. This blog covers some common questions about how we make that happen and what you can expect.

For starters, what’s the implementation process like with SiteSpect? You’ve signed a contract, now what?

When customers sign with SiteSpect there are a number of things that happen internally. We schedule an implementation kick-off meeting with the business and IT stakeholders within 24 hours. This involves the sales rep they’ve been working with as well as a few members from the customer success team, Implementations Engineer and Customer Success Manager. We’ll walk through the process, our architecture and requirements that are needed to get the configuration up. We also make sure the customer understands the resources and level of support we offer to ensure the implementation is quick and seamless.

We collaborate with our customers on a project plan and timeline for implementation, and set up regular check-in calls to make sure everything runs per schedule. We also make ourselves available to work with any CDN providers our customers might be using. We then agree on an implementation date and time, run validations before go-live to ensure everything is working smoothly, turn on the switch (controlled by customer), re-validate, monitor, and confirm success. SiteSpect can be fully implemented that quickly.

So now that they have SiteSpect and it’s live, what happens? Are they free to run?

Once SiteSpect is implemented yes, customers can run A/B tests right away. Our process includes support through training and setting up the initial A/B tests. Some customers come in right away knowing what they want to A/B test first — in that case our Optimization Consultants and Solutions Developers can build out those tests, show the customer how to manage them, and assist in monitoring metrics and analytics.

Often, customers will be excited to A/B test but unsure where to start or what to do. In this case, our Optimization Consultants will work closely with the customer’s team to recommend what to A/B test, do a site analysis, and create an A/B testing roadmap. With Webroot, for example, we performed a site analysis and offered suggestions for where to begin A/B testing. They very quickly saw huge uplifts in site performance and a 12% increase in revenue just during one 20 day test period.

At this point, how much time are we looking at until you see some results from a test?

Typically the first A/B test is scheduled to go-live within 3-5 days after SiteSpect is implemented. This of course depends somewhat on the complexity of the first A/B test a customer chooses to run. Most A/B tests run between 15 – 90 days, depending on any number of factors. But, you’ll see data come in as soon as traffic hits your site and that particular campaign.

In one recent case study, a clothing retailer ran an A/B test where they removed the quantity selector on all of their product list pages and product detail pages. They had the A/B test built and released in under an hour, let it run for 15 days, and saw $93K additional revenue just during the 15 days of the A/B test. Most clients see a significant revenue impact within a couple of weeks.

Are there any particular cases that blew you away?

One of our newer customers recently got up and running. They’re a UK based ecommerce, and they tested some design features on their product detail pages. During the 30 days of their first test, they generated a 10x ROI in additional revenue. Cases like those make us so excited to help organizations start using SiteSpect. The potential is just limitless, and we make sure we’re working closely with every customer so they see these kinds of results.

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SiteSpect Customer Success

SiteSpect Customer Success

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