Use A/B Testing to Increase Mobile Response Rates

By SiteSpect Marketing

June 16, 2014


If you think optimization is just for websites, think again. Companies around the world are combining multivariate testing with mobile to gain a competitive advantage and better engage with their customers.

For example, MAIPLAY Pte Ltd, the Singapore-based developer of Perx, a mobile CRM app, uses SiteSpect to optimize Net Promoter Score (NPS®) response forms for its clients.

Organizations use NPS to measure loyalty between a company and its consumers. The NPS poses just one question — how likely is it that you would recommend a company / product / service to a friend or colleague? Responders rate on a scale of 0 to 10, and the percentage of respondents who are detractors (rated 0 to 6) are subtracted from the promoters (rated 9 or 10). The resulting total is your NPS — the higher the better. It’s important not only to have a high score, but also to get a high response rate in order to understand how your customers perceive your brand.

That’s exactly the problem one of MAIPLAY’s customers, Koi Café, was facing. The company was keen to increase the percentage of NPS survey responses in order to accurately measure customer perception of its Bubble Tea product. With MAIPLAY’s help, Koi Café‘s Bubble Tea received more than 100,000 responses from its optimized NPS response form, a 60% response rate from customers surveyed.

MAIPLAY achieved this incredible result simply by multivariate testing and optimizing the NPS response form for Koi Café‘s Bubble Tea. MAIPLAY started by creating a multivariate test in SiteSpect using several versions of the response form. The main difference between versions was whether or not respondents were required to leave a comment along with their rating. Not surprisingly, the best-performing variation displayed no comment field. The second-best variation, on the other hand, required a comment if a respondent rated the company a 9 or 10. Happy respondents (promoters) were more than willing to leave additional comments. Conversely, MAIPLAY determined that requiring a comment from all respondents led to a 15-18% decrease in the total number of responses.

That’s just one way multivariate testing with SiteSpect has made a difference to clients. If you’d like your multivariate testing success stories highlighted on our blog, please let us know!

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