Turn Your A/B Testing Into Gold

By SiteSpect Marketing

July 14, 2015


Maybe you’ve noticed that many of the products that support your web and mobile commerce efforts now include A/B testing features. Your CMS, e-commerce platform, email system, marketing automation platform, and even your phone system may all include A/B testing features, so why do you need a dedicated conversion optimization platform?

If you’re asking yourself this question, you’re missing the message these independent point solutions are collectively telling you: A/B testing is an essential function that should be applied to every possible aspect of the digital experience. That’s one reason why so many different products include A/B testing features.

Here’s another. Technology vendors are often competing for limited budget dollars, so they come up with elaborate hypothetical scenarios (i.e. ROI models) designed to demonstrate that their solutions will add value to your business. These ROI models can be very useful, but they often depend on ideal market conditions that don’t necessarily reflect reality. Conversion optimization, on the other hand, proves every day how much revenue is being generated as a result of A/B test campaigns. Other web technologies aren’t able to demonstrate ROI so clearly on their own. But don’t mistake a rudimentary A/B testing feature as a strategy.

What you should be asking yourself is how can I incorporate A/B testing across every phase of the online experience in a cohesive way? E-commerce and Digital Marketing provide a wealth of opportunities to test, collect, and analyze data about the customer experience and to learn ways to improve online conversions, audience engagement, and every other online objective you may have.

It’s not just the promise of ROI.

A/B testing, targeting, and conversion optimization provides real, quantifiable revenue lift. Major brands testing across all aspects of website development, design, and user experience realize tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars of additional revenue. And who couldn’t use an extra $100 Million in revenue?

Rudimentary A/B testing “features” aren’t going to get you there. The ability to deliver alternate button colors or hero images barely scratches the surface. To build a comprehensive A/B testing strategy, you need the ability to A/B test every website change and customize those changes for very specific audience segments. More importantly, you need to measure the impact of those changes on every possible user action.

The only way to do this reliably is by using an enterprise A/B testing platform designed specifically for A/B testing, collecting, and analyzing user engagement metrics. Don’t just dabble in A/B testing and optimization. Build an A/B testing practice that can scale across all aspects of the online experience. One that can A/B test, measure, and optimize not just how your site looks, but how it works.

Still, results that are truly statistically significant can be elusive. Many campaigns will be inconclusive, and that’s okay. You’re panning for gold after all, and not every pan will deliver nuggets. But if you A/B test, target, and optimize in a systematic way across devices, audience segments, and code releases, ultimately you will strike gold!

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