Tips, Tricks, and How Tos: September Blog Roundup

September 28, 2018


Fall is in full force! Even though we’re jumping into holiday retail season, it’s not too late to catch up from September. Check out the best blogs from this month — all with great advice and information for optimizing across your digital channels.

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1) Six Questions You Should Ask When Evaluating Your Optimization Strategy

Choosing an optimization software is a big decision, but going through this checklist will clear the misinformation and get you what you need. Read the blog.

2) Web Optimization for Single Page Apps

SPA offer great UX, but they get a bad reputation for being difficult and overly technical when it comes to A/B testing. This blog explains how you can A/B test on SPA with SiteSpect within the visual editor, without requiring development expertise. Read the blog.

3) Case Study: Webroot Uses SiteSpect to Improve Site Speed and Lift Conversions

Webroot implemented SiteSpect and saw page speed improve by as much as one second. They also went from running one A/B test per quarter to running five A/B tests per month. Learn about their strategy. Read the blog.

4) Seasonal Conversion Rate Optimization: Don’t Make These Five Mistakes

It’s the end of September, which to some means it’s officially holiday retail season. Don’t make these five mistakes when you start optimizing for the fall. Read the blog.

5) 8 Ways to Optimize On-Site Search

On-site search is one of the main ways visitors navigate your site. Make sure it’s optimized in both form and function. Read the blog.

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