Three Test Ideas for Non E-Commerce Sites

By Paul Terry

November 12, 2019


When you’re searching for ideas to optimize conversions on your site, you likely find tons of suggestions for ecommerce sites. But what if your primary KPIs aren’t purchases, or add to carts? This blog is for you.

1. Test and optimize images on mobile.

If you have any amount of mobile traffic you should be optimizing your site specifically for phone and tablet screens. Often, because a mobile phone screen has less real estate for verbiage, images hold even more importance. This is a huge opportunity to test the effect of images on conversions like page visits, scroll depth, information requests, or enrollments.

One university tested highly specific images on their mobile site. Where their desktop site featured images of the campus, the mobile site featured professionals at work. This saw mobile conversions lift by 2%.

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Conversions: Great Examples for A/B Testing

2. Optimize navigation on your site.

The navigation menu on your site can be a huge driver for conversions and customer satisfaction. It can give site visitors an at-a-glance indication of what information and services they can find on your site, and is a powerful driver to key pages. A/B test things like how much of your navigation bar you should reveal, in which order you should display categories, and the look and feel of your navigation.

A hotel booking site used SiteSpect to A/B test iterations of top navigation visibility. Some versions featured a collapsed top navigation, other variations featured a sticky navigation, or expanded navigation. The winning variation saw a revenue increase of 5%.

Case Study: Testing Full Navigation Visibility

3. Test various modes of personalization.

Personalization isn’t a one size fits all kind of a deal. You can target experiences based on demographic information like location or device type. You can target based on how visitors arrived on your site — for example one experience for those who came via an online ad, and another for those who came via Google search. You can target based on behavior, so you serve up a dynamic experience based on each individual customer journey. And there are many other ways you can provide a unique and personalized experience. This can make all the difference, especially if you have a large site or a wide set of offerings, personalizing the experience helps users find what they need and highlights your offerings.

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Paul Terry

Paul Terry

Paul Terry is a SiteSpect Consultant in Customer Support, guiding SiteSpect users on the road to optimization. He has over 15 years experience in optimization, testing, and personalization. He is based in Duluth, Georgia.

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