A/B Testing Tools vs. Experts or Don’t Consider Surgery on Yourself

By SiteSpect Marketing

June 3, 2015


Picking A/B testing software to optimize your website is as simple as choosing a scalpel to perform surgery on yourself. Anyone can pick up a scalpel and begin cutting, yet it is entirely useless and dangerous in inexperienced hands.

How much have you invested in website operations? Hardware, software, networking, hosting, development, design, monitoring, and support — all for the purpose of building your brand, creating demand, and generating online revenue. It’s your baby, and the intricate dependencies of all those systems working together are her vital organs. You wouldn’t let a cosmetologist perform surgery on your baby, but that is essentially what you’re doing when you pick a simple A/B testing tool and give non-technical junior personnel free reign to let loose with it on your website.

Revenue is king. If you’re not sure about that, go ask your CFO. Professional A/B testing programs have proven to add billions of dollars in top-line revenue to online retailers’ balance sheets. B-b-b billions.

Your website is in a constant state of development. Constant. Every change, every code release, every third-party widget has the potential of improving or limiting online revenue. So if your online objectives include maximizing revenue (and they should), you must A/B test, measure, and understand that any change can impact visitor behavior. You must monitor and analyze every hiccup and every blip, and as you consider making surgical improvements, you must put the scalpel in the hands and the data in the heads of experts.

Quick-and-easy rarely delivers meaningful results. Certainly not the kind of results you’d build an enterprise A/B testing practice around. If you’re serious about optimizing your online and mobile revenue, stop looking at tools, and start listening to experts.

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