Success Story: Updating CTA Increase Conversions

By Kate Orchard

December 8, 2020


One of the places you can see the biggest bang for your buck in site optimization is by fine tuning your Calls to Action (CTAs). Especially for websites selling services, or other sites that aren’t ecommerce, the conversion process can be more complicated than “Add to Cart” and “Purchase.” In these cases, the wording of your CTA can make a huge difference in conversions. For this national waste services company, changing the wording on their primary CTA not only increased conversions, but also streamlined the customer journey and helped customers find what they needed with less effort.

Clarifying the Call to Action

The original CTA on this site read, “Find Services.” However, the team suspected that this was too vague, and did not set accurate expectations for what comes next, leading to unqualified lead conversions and customers spending more time looking for what they needed. For this A/B test the team introduced two variants. The first variant introduced the CTA “Get Prices.” The second variant introduced the CTA “Order New Services.”

While the KPI for this campaign was increased conversions, this A/B test also sought to reduce lead form submission, reduce feedback submission, and increase browsing on category pages. While these may seem unconventional, the brand was getting many unqualified lead submissions because customers weren’t able to find what they needed on their own. Similarly, less feedback suggests that customers had an easier time navigating the site.


The numbers on this experiment were impressive. The first variant saw conversions increase by 6% over the control, and the second saw an increase in 10% over the control. The results for secondary metrics were equally impressive. In variant one, lead submissions were down over 7%, and feedback was down almost 2%. In the second variation, lead submissions dropped almost 10%, and feedback dropped more than 6%.

The brand went on to release the second variation, “Order New Services,” to 100% of traffic.

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Kate Orchard

Kate Orchard

Kate Orchard is a Manager of Customer Success at SiteSpect, where she consults SiteSpect users on their optimization and personalization road maps and projects. She is based in Boston.

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