SiteSpect Synopsis: The Importance of Omnichannel Customer Experience

By Nicole Hanson

May 11, 2021


In today’s digital-first world, customer experience plays a key role in consumers’ purchasing decisions. According to PwC, 73% of consumers say customer experience is more important than price and product quality. There’s no doubt that a positive customer experience drives revenue and retention. However, evolving consumer expectations are beginning to focus on a specific type of customer experience: omnichannel.

According to Gladly, 71% of shoppers want a consistent experience across all channels. Omnichannel customer experience is more important than ever as consumers are primarily shopping online or looking for new hybrid shopping options, such as BOPIS (buy online, pickup in-store). Here are three industry articles that discuss the importance of omnichannel experiences and how to build your own omnichannel CX strategy. 

Retail TouchPoints: Omnichannel Capabilities and Data-Driven Experiences Can Win Shopper Loyalty Post-Pandemic

The need for omnichannel customer experiences became even more prevalent at the start of the pandemic. While omnichannel experiences cater to consumers’ new shopping habits, author Bryan Wassel says retailers can also leverage omnichannel to boost customer loyalty. Covid-19 not only led to people shopping online more, but it also shifted customer loyalty; consumers found themselves turning to new brands for lower prices or product availability. Whether your brand is looking to bring back long-term customers or foster loyalty in new-found customers, Wassel says, “Omnichannel excellence is key to bringing them home.”

TotalRetail: Why Your Brand Needs to Deliver a Unified Customer Experience

To create a consistent customer experience across various channels, brands need a strong omnichannel strategy. However, many brands are struggling to break down data silos and only optimizing a few channels. According to author Gabe Larsen, the key to solving these issues is a better tech stack that unifies your channels and data. “Now more than ever, brands need to harness the power of data to unlock valuable insights that can deliver the omnichannel experiences that modern customers demand,” Larsen says. By embracing better, unified technology and maximizing data insights, brands can create a seamless omnichannel experience.

CustomerThink: How to Use Omnichannel Marketing to Boost Customer Experience ROI

While many brands now use customer experience to differentiate themselves from one another, creating an omnichannel customer experience can truly help your brand stand out. By building a seamless experience across all of your channels, you’re creating convenience for your customers. They’ll understand how to navigate your site from various browsers and devices, which will increase their satisfaction and keep them coming back. Author Samuel O’Brien says this not only helps your bottom line, but in the end will improve your ROI. Understanding your customers’ needs and optimizing your channels accordingly is “the key to creating an incredible omnichannel customer experience.”

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Nicole Hanson

Nicole Hanson

Nicole Hanson is a former Marketing Manager at SiteSpect.

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