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By SiteSpect Marketing

December 16, 2020


Holiday shopping is looking quite different this year as many customers opt for digital experiences. Online retailers are seeing a huge influx of traffic, and many need to rethink their customer experience strategy as they’re faced with a whole new set of consumer preferences. While empathy is a crucial piece of the customer experience in the COVID era, consumers also need convenient and seamless shopping experiences. This month, we’ve rounded up a few industry articles to help you optimize your site for a digital-first holiday season. 

CMSWire: How to Show Your Customers You Care This Holiday Season

During this challenging holiday season, empathy and customer experience have never been more important. Author Priyanka Tiwari states, “Now more than ever, brands must adapt their customer experience strategy to show customers gratitude and let them know that business will remain constant, even when everything else is in flux.” In this article, Tiwari walks through three ways to show customers you care: simplicity, personalization, and adding a human touch. These CX strategies can help your brand create one-to-one experiences digitally.

Forbes: How Retailers are Bracing for Holiday Shipping and Returns During the Pandemic

Retailers are facing many new challenges this year, and the issue of shipping and returns will only become more prevalent as the holiday season reaches its peak in the next two weeks. With delayed shipping times, consumers are often opting for alternative options like buy online, pickup in-store (BOPIS). According to author Gary Drenik, nearly half of adult shoppers say alternative shipping methods like BOPIS are an important option for retailers to have. After the holidays, Drenik cites the need for flexible return experiences. Customers want and expect a seamless return experience, with both online and in-store options. 

Digital Commerce 360: 4 Trends for Retailers to Watch During the 2020 Holiday Season

While COVID-19 has certainly changed the way we shop, shifts in consumer preferences also play a role in this unprecedented holiday season. In this article, author Amit Mathradas cites four key trends that retailers should look for as they prepare for an influx of holiday traffic. Since many shoppers have increased concerns around personal finances this year, clarity around sale prices, taxes, and shipping charges is a must for any online business. Of course, an optimal customer experience is crucial for retailers to stand out amongst an even bigger sea of competitors. Above all, Mathradas says, “Retailers will need to optimize convenience and improve the fulfillment and returns process to keep consumers happy throughout the season.” 

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