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By SiteSpect Marketing

November 11, 2020


Customer experience has always been at the forefront of marketing, and COVID-19 has made it even more prominent this year. As more consumers turn to digital experiences, CX strategy is crucial for any online business. This month, we’re discussing some of the latest tips and tricks to help you create a better customer experience.

CMS Wire: Which KPIs Are Right to Measure Your Customer Experience?

The KPIs you choose can make the difference between improving the customer experience and stagnating. This article posits that the key to defining the right KPIs is to spend time really understanding your key objectives. Author Phil Britt writes, “KPI setting needs to begin with a common understanding of who are your target customers — and who are not — and the collective tactics required to attract and retain them. That is, it is key to ensure organization-wide understanding that each customer has differential value to the brand.” Check out the article for more tips on setting the right KPIs for your brand, so you can optimize more effectively

MarTech Series: How to Make Consumers’ “Nice List” This Holiday Season

As we approach holiday season, retail brands are facing even higher stakes than normal — in the pandemic landscape even more customers will be shopping online, and many brands are seeking to guarantee sustainability with high holiday sales. In this article, author John Nash walks through how to ensure you optimize your site for this important time of the year. He writes, “Heightened competition coupled with anxious consumers and a deepening expectation for a personalized omnichannel CX make it an imperative for retailers to use real-time customer data to understand individual consumer preferences.” The secret: sophisticated personalization

Forbes: Five Customer Experience Tips For Brands (Big And Small)

Customer experience expectations have changed over the course of this past year. In this article author Chris Wallace walks through how to provide the best possible customer experience. One key tip: “There is almost nothing more destructive to a customer relationship than overpromising and under-delivering.” Check out the article to get more insight into how to make the best possible impression on your customers, no matter the size of your brand.

TechTarget: 5 Digital Customer Experiences Trends For Businesses to Consider

With more people shopping online during the pandemic, now is a crucial time for businesses to optimize the digital customer experience. According to author Sandra Mathis, “digital customer experience is the impression left with a consumer after they interact with a digital interface such as a website, mobile app or kiosk screen.” Optimal CX can help your business stand out in a sea of competitors and win over consumers. Check out these 5 trends to optimize your digital CX and boost your online business. 

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