SiteSpect Not Affected by Firefox Enhanced Tracking Prevention

By SiteSpect Product Management

June 5, 2019


Last week, Safari announced its default Internet Tracking Prevention (ITP). Today Firefox announced a similar feature — Enhanced Tracking Protection. In short, Firefox will now by default block any third-party tracking cookies. This means that if you work on digital optimization and you’re using a tag-based solution, you’re about to lose most of your insight into user behavior. In other words, your optimization efforts are more or less about to go down the drain.

Safari and Firefox users amount to a significant swath of user segments (not to mention basically all iphone and ipad users) left out of analytics and skewing your data. Essentially, these tracking protection standards are going to kill any optimization program that doesn’t put user anonymity and safety first. SiteSpect is the only optimization solution that collects completely anonymous data in compliance with all privacy standards. We are the only solution that won’t be affected by these changes, because we already adhere to strict user protection standards.

Is There a Future for MarTech?

These new heightened user privacy features are going to seismically change the landscape for any marketer touching A/B testing, personalization, or optimization. Any work you’ve done to optimize your Calls to Action, Landing Pages, Product Details Pages, Hero Images, Site Layouts, etc, is going to disappear if you use a tag-based tool. All of this work will necessarily either move to developers, who aren’t on the hook for the same business metrics, or just stop.

Unless you use SiteSpect — the only optimization solution not affected by these changes, your work is at stake.

Why ETP and ITP Kill Tag-Based Optimization

Tag-based optimization solutions depend entirely on tracking cookies in order to collect any data. So, from now on, no matter how brilliant you are at A/B testing, data analysis, or optimization, if you use a tag-based tool you’ll never get accurate data and never be able to truly optimize your customer experience on the client side. SiteSpect doesn’t set cookies in the browser at all, meaning it offers full data accuracy, personalization, and A/B testing capabilities without interfering in user privacy.

Tag-Based Tools

  • Automatically blocked by Firefox; Safari deletes cookies after 7 days
  • Must insert tracking tag to collect data
  • Depends on cookies set in the browser for personalization
  • Already unreliable data will now offer worse inconsistencies


  • Does not interfere with browser privacy settings, does not set cookies at browser level
  • Sets all cookies at the server level, meaning browser privacy settings don’t block them
  • Does not set cookies in the browser, and can offer personalized experiences without infringing on user anonymity
  • Provides the most accurate analytics by collecting data directly — not via third-party tags.

SiteSpect Supports User Privacy and Protection

These improved Internet safety features are going to leave a lot of marketers and digital optimizers in a quandary. How do you give users the experience they want without violating the privacy that they have a right to? SiteSpect is the only solution that provides comprehensive analytics and optimization without interfering in user privacy. It is the only completely anonymous optimization tool. SiteSpect has always been compliant with all privacy requirements, and will continue to do so. Provide your customers with the best possible experience, and the highest standards of security. Check out our ebook “Optimization in the Age of Anti-Tracking,” it will guide you through exactly how these changes affect your stack and what to do about it.

To learn more about SiteSpect, visit our website.


SiteSpect Product Management

SiteSpect Product Management

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