SiteSpect Enables Programmatic Approach to A/B Testing with Major Expansion of its APIs

November 4, 2014


If you’ve ever wished for a programmatic approach to experimentation, you’re in luck! Today SiteSpect announced a major expansion to our APIs, which extend the functionality of our site optimization platform. The APIs enable automated optimization and broad programmatic control over SiteSpect, helping customers accelerate the velocity of their A/B testing program as well as mitigate risk in releasing new features that affect the digital user experience.

Just as the rest of today’s modern marketing organization has taken advantage of programmatic approaches in advertising, this approach also benefits professionals tasked with expanding their organization’s A/B testing program. Today’s optimizers are currently challenged in increasing the volume of A/B testing to hundreds, if not thousands, of A/B tests per year in order to drive new opportunities to increase conversion rates. For these users, the SiteSpect APIs will enable automation of many aspects of the A/B testing process, freeing up additional time to execute on their A/B testing strategy.

For product managers and developers, SiteSpect’s APIs mitigate risk in releasing new site and mobile features by integrating A/B testing into the development process such that every change can be A/B tested as it is released.

Want to learn more? Read the news release.

To learn more about SiteSpect, visit our website.



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