2015: Making Things Personal

By SiteSpect Marketing

October 6, 2015


This week, the SiteSpect team is in Philadelphia at the Digital Summit. The event is underway with over 5,000 registered attendees and 280 exhibitors.

Not surprisingly, personalization is a key theme of the conference. During the opening keynote, The Next Generation of Digital Retail, QVC CEO Mike George discussed QVC’s evolution to a digital business. He emphasized the importance of creating relevance through the customer journey. Personalization is an effective technique to create that directed experience.

Over on the Conversion & Acquisition track, Rue La La devoted a session to the importance of personalization to their business. In “Testing and Real-Time Personalization: Individual Customer Engagement at Its Best” session, Molly Baab, VP of Product Management, highlights that today’s Internet is personal and that it’s important for retailers to keep up. During her presentation, she mentioned the importance of A/B testing several times. In her opinion, “having an optimization program is almost a prerequisite to personalization” and to get started with personalization you should “test everything.”

After attending several sessions today, it’s clear that delivering a personal and relevant experience is a challenge all digital businesses face. What are some ways that you can use personalization in an A/B test or a targeted experience? Here are a few ideas. With SiteSpect you can:

  • Credit to Rue La La for this great A/B test idea! Remind a registered shopper that they currently have an account credit and A/B test whether the reminder increases your conversions. Rue La La ran this A/B test and it was so successful, they had to run the A/B test twice just to confirm the results.
  • Display a targeted offer or experience to visitors who left an item in their cart on a prior visit.
  • Provide a location based experience to visitors coming from a specific location such as city or state.

SiteSpect offers you the flexibility and power to meet all of your personalization needs. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us to set up a demo.

Also, if you are currently attending, please visit us at booth #522! The image that accompanies this post was created and displayed by graphic facilitator Steph Brown (@StephScribes).

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