Proxy Proximity and You: How to Improve SEO with Site Speed

By Alan Manos

March 22, 2018


Google SEO rankings depend on website and mobile speed now as much as they do content and relevance. That’s a big deal. Marketing now hinges on the technical viability of your digital channels just as it does on creativity and audience development. As a musician, this makes perfect sense. The most creative composer in the world can’t get too far without the technical skill and competence to realize her vision. In marketing, as in music, this leads to kind of a Catch-22. Your head is full of avant-garde compositions, but you’re stuck practicing scales. Likewise, your brand may have amazing products and great customer service, but not enough people see your website.

Love Your Proxy, Love Your Band

Logically, in order to optimize your sites (or get more people to listen to your music) you need to experiment and A/B test the results. But many of the solutions that offer A/B testing end up slowing the site down. SiteSpect doesn’t have that problem, in fact, we have very little latency so your site is fast. We sit in the flow of traffic to direct requests to the nearest server and straight back to the customer. We’re like a great backing band, with the high level skill and the versatility to make your compositions come to life.

What’s more, we do it fast. Show us the music and we’ll perform it on sight. Like we said before, quicker site speed means better SEO rankings, but the benefits go beyond even SEO. Page load latency has a demonstrable impact on conversion rates, so while you’re optimizing your site for conversions, you’re also simultaneously optimizing your site for conversions. No, you didn’t read that wrong.

Intro, Outro

The bottom line comes down to practicality, ease of use, and ROI. Your brand’s success doesn’t just depend on optimizing your interface for customer success. It depends on visibility and user access too. SiteSpect offers the only solution that keeps all of your infrastructure in tact (no extra tagging or development changes), so that your site runs faster. This means that at the same time, you increase your visibility and — just by being faster — increase your conversion rate. All of a sudden, you’re a groundbreaking composer with a world class orchestra and sold out shows around the world.

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Alan Manos

Alan Manos

Alan Manos is Director of Platform Operations at SiteSpect,supporting our global infrastructure since 2016. He has a background in Engineering Management and is based in Boston.

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