Optimize Your Traffic for Black Friday

October 15, 2019


It’s Q4, which, if you’re an ecommerce means holiday shopping, holiday deals, and the behemoth of retail weekends which is Black Friday through Cyber Monday. You’re prepared with marketing, special offers, and the rest of your prep, but are you ready for the huge influx of traffic? It’s time to make sure you’re ready to provide an optimal experience for each one of your holiday visitors. Last year at SiteSpect, we saw our biggest traffic year yet, with hundreds of thousands of visits, and billions of metrics collected. We can’t wait to help you provide your customers the best holiday weekend yet!

At this time of year, you simply can’t afford a site crash, slow content delivery, or inconsistent experiences across devices. We were able to handle more traffic than ever and give our clients’ holiday shoppers their best Black Friday and Cyber Monday experiences yet.

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