New eBook: 17 Ways You’re Compromising with Optimization and Personalization

January 17, 2020


When you manage a piecemeal tech stack, you also probably manage a lot of problems and make a lot of compromises. A lot of those compromises, like choosing to either optimize search engine rankings or on-page conversions, or compromising on the health of new releases because you can’t A/B test them on real users before deploying, start to seem like a necessary part of the work. Or, even worse, a lot of Marketers and Developers don’t even realize they’re making these compromises. But there is a way to get everything you need without making any concessions, and it’s SiteSpect.

We see a lot of brands struggle with lose-lose choices when managing their digital business. So, we created this ebook to walk through some of the compromises we see people making everyday, and explain how SiteSpect can help you solve them.

SiteSpect doesn’t require you to compromise on anything; if you find any of these compromises familiar, it may be time to evaluate SiteSpect as your optimization solution.

Download the ebook now. 

To learn more about SiteSpect, visit our website.


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