Moving Customers through the Conversion Funnel to Drive Repeat Purchases

By SiteSpect Marketing

October 24, 2016


Getting customers to complete a transaction is the ultimate goal for every retailer, but customer loyalty – and thus repeat purchases – drive long-term revenue and sustainability. However, e-tailers face many barriers when it comes to gaining a customer’s loyalty, which is heavily influenced by their online retail experience. Here are four quick tips on how to knock down these barriers and drive repeat purchases:

1. Identify holes in your customer’s journey. Using tools and programs that identify where customers fall off the path to conversion can provide useful insight. You should be A/B testing from end to end to optimize the journey, whether it’s taking a hard look at single page apps or doing multivariate testing of different designs for a product page. That will ultimately help you improve your site, retain and attract repeat customers, drive more conversions and generate greater revenue.

2. Use data to have better conversations with your customers. If retailers have the ability to talk with their customers directly, having access to customer data can inform the conversation and expose what retailers can be doing better. Analytics alone can tell you what is happening, but these conversations and even customer surveys can help get to the root of the problem.

3. Embrace the word of mouth journey. Or in other words, turn your customers into marketers. Allow outside bloggers who know your product to become brand advocates. Enable them to sing your praises because their voices carry a ton of credibility. If managed appropriately, sometimes these blogs can be leveraged to help make recommendations for potential customers.

4. A/B test, A/B test, and A/B test. A/B test everything from pricing and shipping options to different customization choices. This can help retailers administer a seamless online experience and determine what attracts repeat customers.

As the ecommerce industry continues to expand and the landscape grows more competitive, having loyal customers that bring repeat purchases becomes increasingly important for retailers. We hope these tips will help lead you to conversion rate success!

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