Liquor Retailer Streamlines Product Detail Page for 18% More Order Confirmations

By Sally Hall

October 26, 2020


Product detail pages are one of the most important factors for conversion for ecommerce sites. It’s typically the last stop a user takes before adding an item to their cart and is where they learn about the product. Like most retailers, this major liquor chain with a large online inventory has a lot of important components to juggle on their product detail pages: product image, item details, product recommendations, item name, item price, quantity selector, and more. While all of these components have a part to play in driving conversions and customer satisfaction, they must be presented and highlighted at the right time.

When this brand started using SiteSpect, one of the first A/B tests they decided to do was experiment with streamlining their product detail pages (PDP) in order to drive add to carts and purchases.

Figuring Out What Matters on a PDP

The original PDP displayed four main elements:

  1. Product image
  2. Item name, price, quantity selector module
  3. Extended item details
  4. Cross-sell module with product recommendations

The optimization team suspected that while the extended item details seemed critical, they weren’t actually that important to customers, or to driving conversions. In this A/B test, they removed the extended item details and brought the cross-sell product recommendations module above the fold.


This A/B test brought a major revenue boost. The new product detail page saw a lift of 8.5% in adds to cart. Order confirmations on the new page went up by 18%. Over the course of the year, the new page will deliver $1.1 Million in additional revenue.

Moving forward, the team released this variation to 100% of traffic.

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Sally Hall

Sally Hall

Sally Hall is an Optimization Consultant at SiteSpect, guiding SiteSpect users on the road to optimization. She has more than 10 years of experience as a web optimizer and testing manager for enterprise brands. She is based in Austin, Texas.

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