Key Learnings from CAB Europe/UK

By Maarten Plokker

May 21, 2019


Last week we had another great European CAB meeting in London. As much as we love learning from our customers — these events help to guide our product roadmaps and understand where we provide value — this CAB stood out in terms of how much SiteSpect users learned from each other.

Every customer at our CAB is completely open about their approach in A/B testing. The feedback and openness of the conversations will give us the opportunity to improve and listen to what our customers (and the market) really needs and is looking for, and it gives other teams insight into how they could expand, change, or innovate in their own A/B testing program.

Some Key Learnings

  • One brand had success running 480 A/B tests in 2018, and is looking to grow that number in 2019.
  • Using SiteSpect to temporarily slow down page load time by one second for one day allowed one brand to demonstrate the value of page speed. The slower page saw a 10.8% purchase drop.
  • Another brand was able to shift its decision-making process from “gut feel” to data-based.
  • Re-testing an experiment every 6-12 months is invaluable for sustained growth and success.
  • Testing culture and approaches differ across companies, but each team is always fine tuning and improving.
  • Teams were able to make clear business cases for their A/B testing programs, pinpointing exactly what the A/B testing team earns or saves the company.

Days like these are the proof that being customer focused, regardless of the size of our customer pays off for everyone. We’re looking forward to another great European CAB next year!

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Maarten Plokker

Maarten Plokker

Maarten Plokker is Managing Director of SiteSpect Europe, delivering the best in optimization to organizations across the continent. He is based in the Netherlands and has over 10 years experience in Sales and Account Management.

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