Introducing SiteSpect Enhanced Analytics

By SiteSpect Product Management

May 5, 2020


SiteSpect is excited to announce our new Enhanced Analytics feature. In addition to the most accurate and comprehensive analytics on the market, SiteSpect is now offering an Enhanced Analytics feature that combines two powerful tools: Outlier Data and Real User Monitoring (RUM). SiteSpect users can now add Enhanced Analytics to their optimization package.

What is Outlier Data?

SiteSpect Outlier Data is a feature that identifies and mitigates anomalous user behavior that can skew data-driven decision making. For example, let’s say most of your orders in a given time frame are by individuals, but you have one corporate bulk order. Including that one anomalous order will artificially inflate your average order value, and could lead you to decisions that don’t serve your business or your customers.

With Outlier Data in Enhanced Analytics, SiteSpect offers options for how to handle such data. You can use Filtering to remove the data from your data set, or you can use Smoothing, which replaces the outlier data point with the set’s average.

A graphical example of outlier data.

Outlier data points

What is Real User Monitoring (RUM)?

SiteSpect Real User Monitoring (RUM) captures performance metrics from real user interactions with your sites. It provides insights into where performance may be impacting customer behavior, and helps maintain your standard for a fast website. Unlike other Real User Monitoring tools that offer standalone data, separated from the rest of the information you need, SiteSpect RUM gives you that crucial performance data fully integrated within your campaign report. This allows you to connect site performance with conversions, and get a full picture of your site and user behavior.

graph of real user monitoring data

Real User Monitoring

Introducing SiteSpect Enhanced Analytics

Every SiteSpect package includes performance metrics, and the most accurate data of any analytics tool. Now, with Enhanced Analytics, you can take your site analytics to the next level. Learn more at, or email

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SiteSpect Product Management

SiteSpect Product Management

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