Internet Retailer Webinar Series: Optimizing the Customer Experience in New Ways

May 6, 2016


Increasing website traffic and revenue is always at the top of the list but it doesn’t have to be a tall order. Having an effective, end-to-end website optimization investment seems obvious but without understanding the total impact it can be a tough case to justify.

For more than 10 years, technical and business leaders have used Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ reports to help justify technology purchases. Based on SiteSpect client experience with real-world data, this research outlines the quantifiable benefits of end-to-end website A/B testing (aka Origin Experiments™).

Register today for this May 17th webinar (2 pm EST) and discover a “nuts and bolts” framework to evaluate the financial impact of website optimization technology that is focused on winning, serving and retaining customers.

Register today!

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SiteSpect Marketing

SiteSpect Marketing

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