How to Choose the Right Optimization Platform in 2021

By Mike Fradkin

March 22, 2021


The past year has seen the landscape for digital optimization face a sea change. A series of major acquisitions has narrowed the market for optimization platforms, and the pandemic environment has pushed digital optimization to the top of the priority list for most brands. This environment has pushed many brands to either reassess their martech stack or to evaluate optimization solutions for the first time. But, choosing an optimization solution is easier said than done. Each organization has its own priorities, needs, and maturity level. In this blog, I’ll walk through some key criteria that you should consider when assessing your needs for an optimization solution. For more guidance, check out our new ebook, “Choosing an Optimization Platform in 2021.”

All about goals

The first step you should take when evaluating an optimization tool is to pin down what your organization’s specific needs are. To do this, you’ll want to start by identifying your general goals. For example, is your priority to optimize the front-end user experience on your site? Or are you planning on replatforming or focusing on server-side optimization? Do you have a backlog of features to develop and release? Or do you want to fine tune your site design and layout? Determine your specific goals so that you can make sure your chosen tool is set up to help you achieve them.

Fitting the company culture

Different organizations have different approaches, and understanding yours helps to insure that the tool you choose supports it and helps you thrive. Think about if you would describe your company as “customer-centric,” and reflect on how individual employees deliver on this. Which teams will be responsible for optimization? Or will optimization be distributed across the company and across teams? Who will perform which functions once you implement your new tool? Will you need external support or are you well set up with the right internal skills and resources you need?

Prepare for Scalability

Finally, think long-term when selecting your tool. Whatever tool you choose should quickly deliver measurable value that will allow you to then scale up your optimization efforts. What needs do you anticipate down the line? Will you branch out to other parts of your site? Or will more teams get involved in digital optimization? 

Making the best choice for your organization

Considering these questions will help you accurately assess your needs, so that you can choose the solution that best serves them. It’s a crucial first step, but one that many brands overlook. For more information on how to conduct a thorough needs assessment, as well as a comprehensive guide to choosing your optimization solution, check out our new ebook, “Choosing an Optimization Platform in 2021.”

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Mike Fradkin

Mike Fradkin

Mike Fradkin is the Director of Product Marketing at SiteSpect. His experience ranges from smaller series-A startup companies to large multinational corporations such as AT&T and IBM. With a technology career that began with several customer-facing leadership roles, Mike never loses sight of the connection between technology value and the real people it can positively affect. He enjoys the challenge of identifying trends and market drivers, truly understanding the problems of customers within their specific industries, cultures, and reporting structures, and leveraging those insights to deliver more impactful results.

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