Home Goods Store Generates Millions in Additional Revenue per Week

By Ruby Brown

August 4, 2020


While having a large inventory can be a brand’s greatest strength, it can also lengthen the customer journey and make it difficult to surface categories, promotions, financing programs, and more. Many large retailers face this challenge. This major US-based home goods retailer found a creative way to solve this problem, and in doing so they generated $18 million in additional revenue per week. This is how they used SiteSpect A/B testing for this huge success.

Creative Alternatives to Sticky Nav

This brand’s website features many categories and subcategories, and while the website features an extensive menu, it’s not sticky on scroll. While customers browse, they lose menu options for financing, deals, sales, popular items, sweepstakes, and customer service. This company has a strong experimentation program and wanted to explore ways to highlight these categories, with the hypothesis that bringing them into perpetual view would help move shoppers through to checkout more quickly.

In this A/B test, the brand designed an A/B test, with a variation that introduced a sidebar that remained visible on all product result and product detail pages. On hover, more information popped up to help the customer navigate through helpful information on the way to purchase.


The results from this A/B test were staggering. Customers that engaged with the new sidebar:

  • Checked out at a rate of 10%
  • Saw $63 additional in average order value
  • Increased revenue per user by $90

In total, the new feature earned this company over $18 million in additional revenue per week.

Learn more about A/B testing here. To learn more about SiteSpect, visit our website.



Ruby Brown

Ruby Brown

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