Have You A/B Tested Your Booking Process Lately?

By SiteSpect Marketing

November 17, 2015


Driving reservations, cross-sells, and customer loyalty are critical goals for travel companies. A great way to achieve these goals is to deliver a superior customer experience. But how do you know if the experience could be improved? Online A/B testing helps you evaluate areas where you’re succeeding, in addition to where your process can use some improvement.

A/B testing eliminates guesswork

Online A/B testing allows you to measure your site or app’s performance with a sample of customers. Assessing how your customers behave helps you validate or disprove your assumptions about how things are working.

Here are a few basic A/B tests for optimizing your travel site or app:

  • Booking process – A/B test the booking process to discover if there is a step in the process where potential consumers don’t convert. You can check how the process works on different devices and see if one device outperforms the others.
  • Loyalty members – See what members of your loyalty program experience across different devices. And if your goals include converting non-members to members, A/B test how their experience is working by creating a targeted campaign.

If you want to get serious about delivering the best customer experience, start A/B testing how your site works. The data you gather from customer behavior on your site or app will help justify investment in improvements. Stop by SiteSpect’s booth at The Phocuswright Conference this week to learn more.

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