Forrester EOP Wave Ranks SiteSpect as Leader in Online Testing: Is It Right for You?

By Justin Bougher

June 20, 2018


black line drawing of computers representing A/B testingForrester’s new Experience Optimization Platform (EOP) Wave is out, and I’m excited to share that it ranks SiteSpect as a leader in Online Testing. Sighting our focus on A/B testing and behavioral targeting, Forrester states that “SiteSpect rightly touts that its reverse proxy implementation is a differentiator.” It’s what allows us to offer a complete optimization solution for the marketer on the client side as well as the developer on the server side. As the best solution for optimization and online testing, SiteSpect may be a great fit for you if you’re ready to integrate your A/B testing solution along every aspect of your ecosystem.

Our customers agree. Steven Leung, Director of Marketing at and longtime SiteSpect user says, SiteSpect “provides us with the flexibility that we need and nothing else out there compares. It works for us and pays for itself many times over.” You know that any aspect of your ecosystem that can affect the customer experience needs to be optimized. Here’s how to tell if SiteSpect is the right tool to maximize your customer experience.

Third-Party Integration

Several parts of your organization are changing your customers’ experiences in one way or another every day. It can be a change in your CMS, in a developers release, in an email campaign. Understanding the impact of all of those changes is how you gain confidence in offering the right experience to the right user.

The EOP Wave evaluated vendors across online A/B testing, behavioral targeting, and product recommendations. SiteSpect’s vision has been to empower you to continuously optimize the digital experience at scale. We have found that integrating with best of breed product recommendations systems like Certona or RichRelevance provides our clients with a more optimal solution. If your team is committed to leveraging the best tools for the job SiteSpect is the only solution that integrates seamlessly with any platform and increases the return on investment for all the tools you already own and use.

Let’s say you already have a CRM or DMP and want your optimization platform to provide an experience based on that information. SiteSpect’s proxy technology offers an elegant solution to integrating with DMPs and data warehouses through the use of a data layer. A data layer is a set of information that exists in the source of the web page and is used to communicate across your ecosystem. Leveraging this integration, you then have the choice to dictate an experience from your own profile information or rely on SiteSpect to determine the right experience.

Performance and Accuracy

Another important area to consider is the impact of any solution in your ecosystem on site performance and data accuracy. SiteSpect is the only solution that does not rely on JavaScript tags, which have major limitations when it comes to performance. Asynchronous tags cause flicker and synchronous tags add latency. Tags can often misfire or not fire at all which leads to discrepancies in your data. There is no avoiding this issue with JavaScript tag solutions, especially at scale.

SiteSpect offers not only best of breed technology, but also the professional services to help you get maximum value from them. There is a lot of turnover in the A/B testing and optimization space; it has become increasingly difficult to find qualified resources to help drive your optimization program. Our professional services can really help you build a world class team and process to meet your business goals, as well as consulting on ideation, A/B testing strategies, reporting and analytics and A/B test building.

If you have an ecosystem with the best vendors for every job, Forrester agrees that you should go with SiteSpect.

Find Out if SiteSpect is Right For You

Justin Bougher is VP of Product at SiteSpect.

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Justin Bougher

Justin Bougher

Justin Bougher was the VP of Product at SiteSpect.

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