Favorite Feature: Count Users

By Ruby Brown

January 21, 2020


SiteSpect’s Customer Success team knows the SiteSpect solutions better than anyone. From building campaigns to advising on optimization strategy, they use every feature SiteSpect has to offer. In this series we will interview the members on the Customer Success team and highlight some of their favorite features, why they love them and why they should be your favorites. Today, I’m talking to SiteSpect’s Michael Symmes.

Customer Success Team Member: Solutions Developer

Favorite Feature: My favorite feature is the “Count Users” setting which is included in the advanced settings of Metrics and/or Linked Factors. This setting allows fine grained control over how users get counted in a campaign.

How it works: By default a user would get counted any time a linked factor is loaded into their page, but you don’t always want this to be true. Sometimes linked factors can be loaded but still not display any changes to a user, and you need to make sure that some other condition is met (like a custom metric firing) before counting a user in the campaign.

This is my favorite feature because it allows for very specific tuning of a campaign, and clearly demonstrates the power and configurability of the SiteSpect engine.

Examples: I recently used this technique in a campaign where not having the “Count Users” setting would have made the type of campaign the client wanted to run impossible. The campaign required that we did some client-side scripting to determine if they had certain 3rd party values in their browsers localStorage before counting them in the campaign and showing them the changes. Because the ability was already built in to the SiteSpect tooling, it was simple to implement a rather unique and somewhat complex campaign counting strategy to meet the client’s goals.

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Ruby Brown

Ruby Brown

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