COVID-19 Information: SiteSpect’s Preparedness

By Patrick Romich

June 26, 2020


We are reaching out to update you on SiteSpect’s plans and operations in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. As businesses and services reopen across the United States and the rest of the world, we remain committed to three things:

  • Ensuring the safety of our employees and their families
  • Continuing to provide exceptional service to all of our customers and partners globally
  • Supporting all localized efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19

Our employees continue to work remotely. As many of our employees already worked remotely we were well positioned for this situation. Our business allows us to easily transition to a fully remote workforce, which we have maintained over the past three months, and will continue to do throughout the summer. We are proud of our proven ability to continue providing great service to you and conducting all business as normal. We have further introduced a number of employee mental wellness initiatives to promote our team’s mental health during this continuously uncertain time.

We have not experienced any interruption to any of SiteSpect’s services or support, and do not expect any to come:

  • The SiteSpect systems that you use every day remain fully operational to you and your website visitors
  • Our support staff is 100% available for phone calls, emails, and video chat during our normal hours of support
  • All 24x7x365 emergency support remains available as usual

Our numerous globally-redundant data servers, all of which are already remotely administered, will continue to operate without interruption.

We at SiteSpect know that many of you are dealing with these same challenges within your own organizations, as well as at home, and we stand with you in support. Thank you for your partnership, and as always please reach out to us if there’s any way we can help. Stay tuned for another update at the end of the summer, where I will discuss how we navigate running a tech business in this new environment.


Patrick Romich, CEO
SiteSpect, Inc

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Patrick Romich

Patrick Romich

Patrick Romich is the CEO of SiteSpect. He has over 30 years of executive experience, serving several organizations in technology and SaaS industries. He is based in Boston.

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